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Our Services

Our insight comes from a deeply consultative approach. We closely work with you to arrive at a definition of success. We remain your greatest advocate, while you remain in charge.

CSF has the depth and experience needed to handle claim issues ranging from single bond pre-default investigation to multiple-bond, nationwide contract defaults.  We can also manage large and/or complex Payment Bond claim programs and are readily able to interface with information systems and programs utilized by the Sureties.  CSF can provide Management consulting services to the Surety Claim industry and assist Sureties in managing their staffing needs by providing cost-effective claim outsourcing services.

Although CSF has traditionally provided our services to the Surety and Construction industries, we can also provide our expertise to Construction Lenders, Owners, Municipalities, Individuals and any organization that is dependent upon the timely and proper completion of construction projects.

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​Claims Consulting and Litigation Support

Not all projects go as planned. When you need help with a claim or are faced with litigation, CSF will expertly assist you through the process providing professional, in-depth analysis, advice and support; before, during and after mediation, arbitration or litigation.

When an owner threatens or declares default, CSF applies its extensive expertise to determine the causes of the alleged default to help you get the project back on track.

Owner’s Representative

CSF, as Owner’s Representative, is prepared to represent the interests of the owner on all phases of a construction project.  Our staff of construction experts handles all aspects of the project and provides tactical but firm guidance towards assuring compliant and timely completion of the project.  Out specialists work with all involved parties to protect the owner’s interests and to keep the project on track and within budget.